Telephone Systems

Jeanneret Electrical Technologies is an Authorised Samsung Communications Specialist.

Samsung’s OfficeServ 7000 Series communications platform places the power of convergence in the hands of today’s growing businesses. Taking full advantage of industry leading convergence technology, the OfficeServ Series reduces communications costs with a single platform for voice and data, wired and wireless communications as well as traditional voice and IP (Internet Protocol) telephony.

Samsung Electronics, a world leader in the electronics market and a renowned provider of superior and affordable technology solutions, has developed the system based on expertise in wireless communications, digital technology and core networks. In the past, only the largest companies could afford technology of this calibre. With the OfficeServ 7000 Series, Samsung has levelled the playing field for today’s small, medium and large-sized businesses with an affordable, easy to use converged communications system.

We can deliver smart, integrated phone systems that connect dynamically and can help you save money.