Communications Cabling

JET have vast experience with communications cabling. Unlike many contractors we are not just throwing in another blue cable, we understand the systems and the applications it is intended to support.

Our staff are trained and proficient with most vendor cabling systems. We have the correct test equipment on hand for certifying your cabling systems.

Structured cabling systems are by far the best, and now the most common way to cable up a new or existing premises. This is where all the outlets in the building have universal Cat5e, Cat6 or cat 7 cables that will support Data, Voice, Video and Other Applications. All the cables go back to a central point and are terminated on Patchpanels. Your equipment is then connected to the work area outlets by the use of a standard Patchlead. This means that adds, moves and changes are carried out easily without need to have a technician visit.

Unfortunately, a lot of installers get it wrong as they don’t understand the applications, don’t install adequate cable management, and provide poor or non existent labelling. A well designed structured cabling system will support a trouble free network for the life of the installation.

JET staff are registered communications cablers.

Our track record of delivering large scale data projects is unparalleled in Tasmania
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